The girl is learning her hard work.

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Description: She told him that she did not want to work and would stay at home. And he said, then you will suck. A typical history of the relationship between a man and a woman. The dialogues are smoothly covered with music, otherwise it's just horror. And she tries and sniffs like a gummy bear, well, if you don't know how to swallow, don't, don't torture yourself. At the end, the lady gagged prosaically, licking the sperm from the hairy belly. This is how it happens in life. This cinema is a terrible thing - an idea for a million, a budget of one hundred rubles, and no one would give a penny for the result. And the actors ... he is an eternal patient of psychiatry and a professor of mathematics, she, a girl with an IQ half the size of George W. Bush. This is not a movie, this is life.
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